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Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal
Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

SKA series& SU series Products do not require flux separately. Amount of flux and specific ingredients may be easily added or removed according to working conditions (brazing design, application etc) and can be processed in various types : RING, ROD, WIRE, PASTE etc.  Clients for the foregoing products include not only domestic major players  i. e.  LG and Samsung in aluminum industry; Halla Climate Control, Duwon Climate Control, Korea Delphai,  Gapeul Autotech in the automotive industry and their second-tier vendors but also a lot of foreign companies. We always appreciate their support.

Aluminum Product
Aluminum Product

In  line with growing  trend  towards  the replacement of  copper  by aluminum, having  physical  property  similar to copper but cheaper than copper  in price,  in refrigerating and air conditioning industry,  we manufacture and supply return band where brazing materials suitable for automatic brazing of aluminum condensers and vaporizers are mounted.  One of advantages of aluminum is low specific gravity , representing one third of that of copper. That is why aluminum is used for a variety of industrial applications despite its several disadvantages compared to copper.

Bcup, BAg Product
BCuP, BAg Product

They are Cu-P or Ag-Cu-P alloy products and are mainly used as brazing materials for Cu or Cu alloy. Though Cu-P series brazing materials provide excellent electrical conductivity, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid etc in brazed joints, they are vulnerable to iron. While copper can be brazed to copper with those called BCuP series without using flux, it is desirable that flux be used when copper is brazed to brass. If flux is used in both cases, clean surface brazing can be performed by virtue of capillary phenomenon.  You can get flux intended for this purpose only.

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